Rooftop HVAC Services in Springfield, IL

Your commercial rooftop units (RTUs) are critical to the smooth and efficient flow of fresh air throughout your facility. RTUs are out of sight and out of the way. These units work tirelessly to efficiently deliver the air required to maintain the comfort of your customers and employees. Whether your RTU handles 1.5 tons or 162 tons of air, the team at AIRMasters has the skills and experience to install, maintain, and repair your systems so that they perform as required. For more than a decade, our team has established our company as the region’s premier RTU installation maintenance and repair professionals. Whatever the need, whatever the problem, our team is always ready to deliver the solutions your business can depend on.

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Commercial Rooftop Unit Installation in Springfield, IL

Commercial RTU installation is ideal for grocery stores, hospitals, data centers, and manufacturing facilities. Installing these units on the roof frees up valuable space that can be used to generate revenue for the enterprise. It also helps reduce noise pollution in the workplace and limits access to these critical systems.

Weight is an essential consideration for all RTUs. Smaller units can weigh as little as 80 pounds, while more massive units can weigh a thousand pounds or more. Thus, one of the first considerations is whether the rooftop needs additional bracing to support the weight. Once your airflow needs are confirmed and your unit is selected, our team will determine whether the structure needs additional supports to carry the weight of the RTU. During the installation, our team will make sure that the RTU is properly positioned and that all connections comply with established technical and safety standards.  

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Commercial Rooftop Maintenance in Springfield, IL

Maintaining a commercial RTU is a breeze. Because of their position away from the day-to-day operations of your enterprise, our technicians are able to perform their task anytime, day or night. It is vital to maintain your commercial HVAC systems properly. Regular maintenance also helps identify small problems before they cause service disruptions or damage to other components. This helps improve operational efficiency and helps ensure that you enjoy cost-effective operation throughout the year.  

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Commercial Rooftop Repair in Springfield, IL

While commercial RTUs are solid and stable, like all outdoor units they are susceptible to damage from rain, hail, wind, and snow. They are also susceptible to water intrusion and pests. Whether the damage is corrosion, loose connections, or broken belts, the certified HVAC professionals at AIRmasters have the skills, training, tools, and parts to repair your commercial RTU. Prior to every repair, we will thoroughly inspect the unit to determine the full extent of the damage and provide you with an accurate estimate of the required repairs.    

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