Commercial HVAC Design-Build Services in Springfield, IL

An efficient, effective commercial HVAC system starts with its overall design. From the placement of the heating and cooling components to the routing of air ducts, refrigerant lines, gas lines, and electrical cables, an experienced team is needed to ensure the system runs optimally.

With more than 25 years of experience installing and servicing commercial HVAC/R systems, our team at AIRmasters has the skill necessary to design, build, and service your commercial HVAC systems. Our design-build services ensure high-quality HVAC installations with great communication throughout the process. Founded in 1993, our company provides high-quality commercial heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration services to commercial and industrial facilities in Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas.

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The Design-Build Process

With our design-build services at AIRmasters, the planning, design, and final construction of your commercial HVAC system is handled in-house by our skilled, experienced professionals. This eliminates the extra costs for third-party architects and engineers, and it leaves the design of the system to those who have real-world experience designing, building, and servicing HVAC systems. Every installation is tailored to the needs of our customer, but the general design-build process includes:

  • Identifying design goals and scope – Learning what the customer expects to achieve with the system and setting realistic design goals.
  • Designing the system – Translating the design goals into a functioning, real-world design that meets all performance and efficiency specifications.
  • Building the system – Building the system according to the design. Our experts will actively communicate with the designers and the customer throughout the process.
  • Solving problems – Real-world installations rarely go according to plan. Our experts will work around problems in the field to achieve the desired results without compromising the performance or integrity of the design.
  • Verifying performance – Once the system is complete, our experts will test it thoroughly to verify it meets all performance specifications and design goals.

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The Benefits of Our Design-Build Process

With our custom design-build process at AIRmasters, your business can enjoy these great benefits:

  • A system that is tailored to your facility and needs
  • More control and input into the process
  • Direct communication with the designers and builders
  • A system built by those who know what works in the real world
  • A design focused on efficiency, reliability, and performance

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Keep Your Commercial HVAC System Protected With Routine Maintenance

As the company that designed and built the system, no one is more qualified to provide preventative HVAC maintenance than our experts at AIRmasters. We offer preventative maintenance plans that include all the routine maintenance necessary for your commercial HVAC equipment at a great price, along with additional benefits like discounts on materials and labor. Our maintenance services are designed to:

  • Maximize heating and cooling performance
  • Reduce energy usage and utility costs
  • Improve comfort and air quality
  • Prevent breakdowns and service calls
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime and repairs
  • Maximize the service life of your equipment

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Schedule a Commercial HVAC Installation in Springfield, IL

If you are ready to try the design-build process yourself, talk to our experts at AIRmasters. We will start the design process and schedule an HVAC installation.

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