Data/Server Room Solutions in the Springfield, IL Area

Computer rooms, data centers, server rooms—if your business utilizes any of these, you know very well that temperature and humidity control are absolutely paramount. The equipment in these types of facilities is exceptionally valuable, and extremely sensitive to the environment it’s kept in.

When you need data center cooling services or humidity control mechanical systems, you want an experienced commercial contractor who can carefully design, implement, and maintain your equipment. AIRmasters is a leading provider of comprehensive commercial HVAC and refrigeration services, including services specifically aimed at meeting the needs of data centers!

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Server Room & Data Center HVAC Repair 

With the diverse range of weather we experience in Central Illinois, any amount of time without adequate temperature control can be very dangerous for your business. At AIRmasters, our team understands the rigid environment that must be maintained in your business, and will always provide prompt HVAC repair that combines speed, efficiency, and precision so that you never need to stress about the condition of your equipment.

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The Required Conditions for Data Center/Server Room Hardware 

According to the Guide to Data Center Standards the conditions of your server room or data center have to be carefully monitored and maintained. These conditions have to be met at all times:

  • Temperatures must hold between 69°F-81°F
  • Maximum relative humidity should not exceed 60%
  • The maximum allowable dew point is 59°F
  • The rate of temperature change should never go higher than 9° in an hour’s time

Whether you need a new cooling, air filtration, and humidity control system designed and implemented for a new telecommunications business, or the data center in your facility needs AC and heating repair, AIRmasters is the trusted, experienced contractor you can rely on. We strictly follow the above standards when providing mechanical services for those industries, and carry the knowledge and training needed to implement superior HVAC processes that specifically satisfy the needs of your business. 

Data Center & Server Room HVAC Maintenance in Springfield, IL 

Efficiency, reliability, and dependable operation are the most important aspects of a data center cooling and heating system. At AIRmasters, we focus on providing proactive preventative maintenance plans that will enhance the capabilities of your cooling and humidity control systems while protecting the system from failure or routine costly repairs. Our maintenance programs are customized according to each client’s specific needs and are the ideal way to lower costs and keep productivity high.

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At AIRmasters, we are dedicated to providing superior, cost-efficient solutions to our clients. Whether you’re looking into the benefits of professional energy management, or you need a qualified HVAC contractor for repairs, maintenance, or system replacement, we always deliver in terms of quality and dependable workmanship.

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