Commercial AC Repair in Springfield, IL

During the spring and summer months, having a dependable cooling system in place protects your business, employees, and clients. If the system goes down it can bring productivity to a swift halt! That’s why leaning on the experience and skill of a dependable commercial AC contractor is vital, and at AIRmasters we’re glad to say we’re the right choice.

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When Should I Call for Commercial AC Repair? 

Knowing when to send for service can seem like a tough call. Luckily, though, all cooling systems will start showing clear-cut signs that they’re in need of service, as long as you know what to look for.

  • Hot spots throughout your business – Uneven cooling is often a symptom of airflow restriction, which typically comes as a result of a lack of AC maintenance. 
  • High humidity levels – Though dehumidification isn’t the primary function of a cooling system, AC units do siphon excessive moisture out of the air when operating properly. 
  • Strange, repetitive, or loud noises from the AC system – Squeals and squeaking may indicate a damaged fan belt or bearings, while grinding, clanks, and banging could be signs of a part that has come loose or has been otherwise damaged. 
  • Unit cycles on, but does not produce cool air – Refrigerant leaks, AC compressor failure, and dirty evaporator coils can all cause a cooling system to blow hot or warm air. 
  • Water or refrigerant leaking – Leaks can arise from many issues, including condensate line clogging, drain pan cracking, or refrigerant leaks caused by a damaged condenser or refrigerant line. 
  • Big jumps in cooling costs – Keeping an eye on your energy costs is one of the best methods of heading off complicated problems before they result in an emergency AC system failure. If you see your bills getting bigger, it’s time to call for service! 

Commercial and Industrial AC Repair in Springfield, IL 

At AIRmasters we understand that a dependable cooling system needs to be a given in order for your business to operate smoothly. We take your needs seriously, which is why our services are backed by industry professionals with decades of experience. We can provide comprehensive cooling system repairs for all cooling system types, from central forced air systems to ductless AC units and commercial chillers.

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Prevent Expensive AC Repairs With Routine Maintenance! 

Avoiding expenses and unexpected complications is always the best method of keeping your business operating smoothly, and this fact extends to your cooling equipment as much as anything else. Annual system evaluations, cleaning, inspections, and tune-ups provide the comprehensive level of care your system needs, and our team is more than equipped to provide.

We generate unique, customized maintenance programs for each of our clients, providing an optimized service that helps you to save money and increase comfort levels in your business simultaneously. 

Schedule Commercial AC Repair in Springfield, Illinois 

AIRmasters is a full-service provider of complete HVAC and refrigeration services. We are a business dedicated to providing your facility with the quality services and systems you need in order to keep running reliably at all times. Whether you’re looking for 24-hour emergency AC repair, or you need to set up a maintenance plan, we’re the experts to trust for unrivaled workmanship.

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