Testing and balancing your HVAC system is extremely important in certain situations and the only way to know you are getting the most out of your equipment and design. We follow the strictest standards when installing all indoor environmental systems to ensure they are functioning properly and at ideal levels. Even the most efficiently designed and expertly built HVAC system cannot operate at optimal levels without a proper air balance.

Our certified test and balance staff and field technicians are experienced in all facets of mechanical systems and well versed in all types of control systems to ensure specified design criteria is attained and optimum final results are achieved. We provide accurate test data in a certified report on each system's final performance, noting discrepancies from the original design and any potential implications.

The Process (For New and Existing Systems):

  • 1) Review the equipment, design and physical layout of your system
  • 2) Review the specifications and the design intent
  • 3) Make calculations to find out what the current building demands are
  • 4) Determine the current needs of the building
  • 5) Utilize specially designed equipment to test the actual performance and output of the existing systems
  • 6) Thoroughly document and submit findings to the engineer and project owner
  • 7) If the system is not performing within acceptable parameters, we document the deficiencies and submit them to the responsible parties

If desired, AIRmasters will:

  • 8) Propose changes needed on a "not to exceed" basis
  • 9) Make adjustments or upgrades as needed to meet the customer's needs
  • 10)Retest output to verify success

Key Benefits of Air Balancing

  • Prolong the life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs
  • Create and maintain a comfortable environment
  • Improve indoor air quality to create a healthier environment
  • Increase energy efficiency and decrease monthly utility expenses
  • Ensure proper air change rates and relative pressures in critical environments

Our certified test and balance staff and field technicians can help turn poorly performing HVAC systems into comfortable, efficient spaces. Please contact AIRmasters to learn more about our air balancing services or to request a quote.