Air Conditioning Services in Springfield, IL

Central Illinois summers are nothing to trifle with, and your business won’t get far without an effective air conditioning system that is properly maintained. Are you looking for a commercial HVAC company in Springfield that specializes in AC installation, repair, replacement, and more? AIRmasters is the name to know—we carry decades of experience and offer a full range of commercial air conditioning services in Central Illinois!

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Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement in Springfield, IL

At AIRmasters, we feature superior commercial cooling design/install services that focus on meeting the unique needs and cooling challenges of your particular industry and building type. Our offerings focus on providing energy-efficient systems that are both capable of meeting your cooling needs completely and keeping your cost of ownership at a reasonable level. Our experienced and licensed commercial AC contractors are experienced in the handling, installation, and replacement of cooling equipment that utilizes all of the following compressor types:

  • Centrifugal
  • Screw
  • Scroll
  • Reciprocating

AIRmasters has completed AC installation and replacement projects for data centers, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, strip malls, medical facilities, and more. If you need service you can rely on, you can always feel confident when you choose our experienced contractors.

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Commercial AC Diagnosis & Repair

The interior of your business can go from comfortable to dangerously stifling in no time at all if your cooling equipment goes down. This can put the health of clients and employees in jeopardy, and can cause severe damage to your mechanical systems or supplies. You need a service team that acts fast, arrives on time, and never has to sacrifice quality in order to get the job done right. AIRmasters is your complete source of commercial cooling services, including AC repair, chiller repairs, commercial heat pump repairs, and more.

Our service team is available for commercial AC repair anytime you need us. Just call 217-522-9793! 

Customized Commercial Cooling Maintenance Programs

Preventative HVAC maintenance is ideal for dodging repair costs and loss of productivity that can come as a result of poorly performing cooling equipment. AIRmasters specializes in mechanical maintenance services and generates unique, totally customized maintenance programs that are tailored to your specific commercial cooling equipment, schedule, and needs.

With our team on your side, you can reduce energy waste and lower cooling costs, improve the overall efficacy of your cooling system, and prevent common complications that lead to costly cooling system repair.

Find out more about our complete commercial mechanical maintenance services, or get in touch to make an appointment for your free service quote! 

Schedule Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioner Services in Central Illinois

Whether you need routine maintenance services or commercial AC repair, or the time has come to fully replace your old and out-of-date commercial cooling system, AIRmasters has you covered. We are a comprehensive provider of commercial HVAC services and maintenance with years of experience and a focus on total client satisfaction.

Call 217-522-9793 or contact AIRmasters online to schedule commercial AC maintenance or commercial AC repair. We serve Springfield, Chatham, Sherman, and all of the surrounding communities in Central Illinois!