Preventive Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Springfield

Tired of HVAC repairs? Take the AIRmasters Proactive approach!

Many people often take it for granted when their HVAC & Refrigeration equipment is working because being comfortable is something you just don’t notice. Very often the equipment isn’t thought of until it’s too late. This causes unnecessary inconvenience and more expensive repairs; it is only a matter of time. It also significantly shortens the lifespan of your business’ most expensive equipment.

Today’s HVAC/R systems are more complicated than ever and it is vital to have routine maintenance performed by trained technicians who understand how to keep them working at peak performance.

AIRmasters offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable preventative maintenance packages in the industry. They are custom-built for your budget and equipment. We follow, and sometimes go beyond, the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance scope of work and perform service on a routine, scheduled basis. This not only takes the best care of your equipment but also allows customers to budget HVAC/R costs and break payments down on a custom monthly or quarterly schedule.

Research has shown it actually pays for itself… if not even save you money! We have actually found that our PM customers significantly reduce their total annual HVAC/R expenditures; for every $1 spent in maintenance you typically save $3 in repairs! Plus, when your equipment is running efficiently it uses less energy. Yes, you read that right. You can benefit from AIRmasters Proactive Preventative Maintenance Program WITHOUT requiring extra expenditures from your budget!

Tired of HVAC repairs? Take the AIRmasters Proactive approach!

Just a few of the benefits of Preventative Maintenance Include:

  • Increased life span of Mechanical Equipment
  • Save more than $30/hr. for necessary labor (maintenance services)
  • Discounts on materials used during maintenance services
  • Significant overall cost reduction/Fewer Repairs
  • Ensure Year-Round Performance/ Fewer surprises
  • Guaranteed Energy Savings/Energy cost reduction
  • Maintain Service Records
  • Single source responsibility
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Warranty company is on-site – we ensure warranty repairs are performed at no cost to you (we are the preferred and certified contractor for nearly every major manufacturer of HVAC/R equipment)

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