Our experienced professional systems engineering staff specializes in a wide variety of design-build commercial HVAC projects. No matter the size, AIRmasters' Mechanical Construction Division is equipped and ready to be a part of your project.

Trust and teamwork are crucial to effective design/build projects and the cornerstone of any project we undertake here at AIRmasters. A proper design/build project is not simple, nor cookie cutter. To get the proper result (best plan under budget) it requires a lot of coordination, resources and experience. AIRmasters offers owners, developers and contractors the advantage of a single source for all your HVAC design/build needs.

From project concept to installation and maintenance, AIRmasters' team offers detailed CAD drawing, state of the art detailing, engineering, construction/installation and service to complete your project at the highest level. Our advanced systems enable rapid project design and precise, seamless collaboration with architects and customers. Our integrity, expert personnel, cutting edge technology and equipment, and our desire to be the best are why we deliver every time!

We carefully evaluate our custom solutions in terms of cost to build, cost to own and operate, and life cycle, while remaining true to the design intent. AIRmasters is able to balance generations of experience with a fresh approach to each project which gives us a truly unique method of ensuring our customers get what's best for them... not what makes the contractor the most money.

We design entirely new commercial HVAC systems, as well as existing HVAC system upgrades and retrofits. Our designs are based on an analysis of your comfort needs, but we also keep energy efficiency and long term costs in mind. Our goal is to get you the most reliable, powerful, long lasting climate control system for the lowest possible cost. Our focus on cost control begins with good engineering and continues with professional installation/construction that runs smoothly. AIRmasters' design team coordinates with customers, architects and general contractors to assess current needs and anticipate future changes/requirements. Once a plan is agreed upon, the AIRmasters team builds the system. Once built, we provide simple, in-person training and follow-up so that you have confidence in and thoroughly understand your system. After you have completed the training, AIRmasters continues to be at your service for all troubleshooting, updates and service.

Additional advantages of Design/Build include:

  • Cost and Time savings
  • Elimination of mediation between designer and contractor
  • More design options
  • Less administrative duties by owner
  • Improved construction efficiency/more rapid project completion
  • Single point of contact/accountability/responsibility
  • Complete project within budget and on time
  • More owner control/input of equipment and preferences
  • Training provided by the best technicians in the industry - Not Salesmen!

Contact us today for estimates or information on how we can help you manage your commercial HVAC system design/build projects. You can count on AIRmasters to provide the best design/build experience!