Data Room Specialists

AIRmasters offers specialized HVAC services for data rooms and other areas where sensitive electronic equipment is housed. We are factory trained and work on all makes of HVAC equipment including Liebert, Contempo and Data Aire. This equipment is vital to your business where you need to protect your mission critical technology from environmental hazards like heat, humidity and dust particles.

Just adding one or two pieces of rack mounted equipment in a confined area can send the temperature shooting up. If temperatures get too high, the servers are designed to protect information and the equipment will shut down. Data room solutions are not one size fits all and need to be custom designed for your growing company.

This is a specialized field due to the specific nature of the precision products. Consequently, there aren’t many companies equipped to service these accounts. AIRmasters has made an investment in this field, in staffing, training and tools. We can provide top of the line installation, service and maintenance for all of your data room environmental control needs.

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