Building Automation

AIRmasters is one of the few mechanical contractors in the Midwest strategically staffed, trained and equipped to deliver state-of-the-art building automation systems for controlling HVAC and refrigeration systems. We are able to create a powerful management tool for your facility by integrating environmental/comfort, energy, security and safety software systems.

Web-Based Management Systems

Utilizing web-based technology, managers are able to monitor conditions and changes from a computer or their smart phone and are even able to make changes and get alerts remotely. Airmasters also offers a package that includes off-site monitoring and emergency response based on preset alerts (as defined by you) so even if you aren't in a position to respond... AIRmasters can!

  • Access critical trend data
  • Create reports
  • Manage systems remotely
  • Monitor building performance

Service and Support

From consultation, customization, installation and implementation to technical support AIRmasters can help you automate your business/HVAC systems. Once in place AIRmasters provides the following:

  • Training
  • On-site and remote technical support
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Updates and modifications
  • Performance reporting and analysis
  • Emergency service

Building Automation is the perfect solution for customers who are interested in employing the most efficient HVAC system possible and those protecting temperature sensitive products or systems.

Please contact AIRmasters for estimates or to discuss how building automation can be implemented to best meet your needs/goals.